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Michael's Daughter

One Woman’s Story Is Everyone’s Journey:

The Michael’s Daughter Project is a series of workshops created and taught by actress Ciera Payton.

With her knowledge, experience, and authenticity, she empowers you to tell your story through performance and media arts. Share your story now with Michael’s Daughter now!


From a one-woman stage production to an annual summer camp and ongoing workshops, check out the various projects created and presented by Michael’s Daughter

Documentary Screening of Welcome to Mi Casa

Michael’s Daughter at Casa Esperanza

The Michael’s Daughter Project: August 14, 2015

Michael’s Daughter Project at Casa Esperanza

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Michael’s Daughter in the United Solo Theater Festival

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A Little Preview

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Poster For Michael’s Daughter


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Bring Michael's Daughter to You!

Experience Michael's Daughter Live

  • Ciera brings her story to life on stage for your venue!
  • Included: One day Empowerment Workshop where Ciera teaches you how to share your story
  • Q&A Sessions after live performances

Various Packages Available

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What's Your Story?

From Thought To Stage: One-one-One Coaching Sessions For Your Solo Performance

  • Ciera walks you through defining your message
  • Learn how to compile your story into script
  • Create and develop your one-person show
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Have Michael's Daughter at your next speaking engagement

  • Ciera Payton leaves her audience feeling inspired, confident, and empowered
  • Her Speech Topics Include:
  • Breaking the Victim Mentality
  • Be Bold, Fearless, and Unstoppable
  • Aspire to Inspire - Serving your fellow human
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The Michael's Daughter Project

A Mulit-Week Creative Writing and Performance Workshop (3-5 weeks)

  • Participants will work with exclusivelye with Ciera for a number of weeks
  • Develope original performance material
  • Learning creative writing and acting skills
  • Present work on stage to a live audience
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Working with Ciera was such a rewarding experience! Having been her former student to working with her as an artist and teacher, allowed me to develop more as an actor. I worked with Ms. Payton last summer as a part of Casa (I forgot the name). I assisted with creative writing, improv sessions, daily journals and character development. Her use of integrating Michael’s Daughter in her lessons allowed the participants to be open with the group and themselves. I am so proud of her tenacity and accomplishments. I truly believe that expanding this project to neighboring cities and communities will surely be an asset for our future. – Leianna Bell

“Ciera Payton is one of those rare individuals who knows how to emphasize the best in everyone she encounters. She is insightful, articulate, honest, and extremely giving. I cannot thank her enough for the support, and guidance she has offered to me both personally and professionally. Brace yourself – if you are fortunate to be coached by Ciera – You will never be the same.” -Gregory Fennell


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4. Keeping it up

Relationship is key in matainiting a healthy collaboration. Michael's Daughter will be sure to be accessable for your creative needs.



Aspire to Inspire

1 in 43 American Children has an incarcerated parent. 75% of those children are expected to end up in prison as well.

In 2011, Actress Ciera Payton took the bold step to write her story as a solo theatrical production and present it to the City of Los Angeles. Coming from a challenging upbringing and being an adult dealing with the stigma of having an incarcerated parent, Ciera was just seeking a creative yet effective way to express herself. Thus, Michael’s Daughter was created and presented at the NoHo Arts Center!

Performing all over Californing with the Hollywood Fringe, Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival, American Conservatory Theatre, and eventually traveling to New York for it’s off-broadway debut with United Solo, Ciera quickly discovered the power of sharing her story. Many audience members would express how Michael’s Daughter is their story and how they thrive to share theirs. 

I am a human being, nothing human is alien to me. – Terence 195 B.C.

Over the years, Ciera has found a way to combine her personal journey with the skills and training acquired from her studies at University of North Carolina School of the Arts, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, and her time served as Associate Director of What Girls Know, to create a platform which produces original material, through creative writing and acting workshops, one-on-one presentations, and performance pieces.

Her mission is simple: She aspires to inspire those seeking the desire to express their truth!

  • Empowering one's 'mind and spirit is the most beautiful gift we can give to our fellow humans. Support, encouragement, and love are simple human traits. Yet we allow fear to stifle those gifts to each other.But by living and sharing our truth, we can uplift one another to be great! Allow me to give this gift of empowerment to you as it was handed to me.

    Ciera Payton- Michael's Daughter

  • But rather than simply retelling her family’s ragged history, Payton — an Off-Broadway veteran with credits in television’s “The Closer,” “Californification,” and “Torchwood” — molds the real-life clay of their lives into pungent and affecting commentary on the larger themes of race relations in America, the way our prison system perpetuates itself, and the interplay of family dynamics in homes riven by drug addiction and alcoholism.

    Dick Price & Sharon Kyle - Editor and Publisher of Hollywood Progessive

  • What is remarkable about this story is how Ms. Payton relates herself independent of it. It is an account in some ways more about the people whose doorsteps she is left at, who take care of her, raise her, abandon her, advise her, champion her and fail her. Although she is every bit a part of this intriguingly, melodious score, there is a definitive unwillingness to accept it.

    Tracy Paleo - Author at LA Theatre Review


Ciera Payton

CEO & Founder