Buy lasix online cheap : Where to purchase lasix 1 in 43... Fri, 27 Oct 2017 06:18:44 +0000 en-US hourly 1 MDP 2016 Summer Camp is Doing a Documentary! Mon, 11 Jul 2016 16:52:56 +0000 Actress Ciera Payton Launches 3 rd Annual Michael’s Daughter Project at Casa Esperanza. Teens will learn acting, creative writing and create an original film during summer camp from July 6, 2016 – August 12, 2016

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 30, 2016) – The Michael’s Daughter Project summer camp will begin on Wednesday, July 6, 2016. The camp will take place Monday – Thursday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will conclude with a special film screening on Saturday, August 12, 2016 at Casa Esperanza Blythe Street located at 14705 Blythe Street, Panorama City, CA 91402.

The documentary will highlight the history and life the Blythe Street Community through a documentary honoring the stories of the residents and officials. The students have begun researching a number of documentaries to inform what style and feel they are aiming for in this story.

In addition to their documentary. The students will be taking on the another side project; The Second Line Project. Every year the students take on a personal class project. The first year it was creating vision boards. This year the students will refurbish a furniture piece and turn it into a vision story map.

For information on how you can volunteer and get involved email us at


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Summer 2015 Michael’s Daughter at Casa Esperanza Sat, 13 Feb 2016 04:37:55 +0000

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Support the final performance of Stand By Me Sat, 13 Feb 2016 04:35:36 +0000 THIS FRIDAY AUGUST 14, 2015 5:30pm

Join Casa Esperanza and the students of The Michael’s Daughter Project for their final presentation performance. The students have worked hard for six weeks writing and creating an original stage production Stand By Me. This story reflects the importance of service in humanity and begs to question, how can you better help serve your community?

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Friday August 14 at 5:30pm Catch the Final Presentation of The Michael’s Daughter Project Summer Camp Mon, 10 Aug 2015 07:19:30 +0000 Buy lasix online cheap - Buy cheap lasix online

Buy lasix online cheap - Buy cheap lasix online

FRIDAY, join purchase lasix online and the students of The Michael’s Daughter Project for their final presentation performance. The students have worked hard for six weeks writing and creating an original stage production Stand By Me. This story reflects the importance of service in humanity and begs to question, how can you better help serve your community?

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Michael’s Daughter Summer Camp 2014 Wed, 29 Apr 2015 20:52:53 +0000
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Michael’s Daughter is a one-woman show based on Ciera’s paper-trail relationship with her incarcerated father. He is currently serving a seven year prison sentence in Cottonport, Louisiana
due to non-violent drug related offenses. Since 2011, Ciera has performed her show all around Los Angeles, CA and premiered Michael’s Daughter off-broadway in New York in 2013.

The Michael’s Daughter Project: Aspire to Inspire was made possible by a grant awarded from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. This grant created the opportunity to allow students to meet for twenty-one, four-hour classes, learning theatrical, acting, and creative writing skills in order to share and perform stories based on their lives and neighborhood.

Si Se Puede

The stories presented are based off of creative writing exercises and improv games played during class. The students were encouraged to share what they observed in their personal lives
and create personal stories. What they came up with was a collage of stories based on their Blythe Street Neighborhood. From Big Homie to Katrina, the students created colorful characters whose lives are a reflection of their personal journeys. During the writing process, it became clear that the students are aspiring to share their stories in order to truly inspire their peers and anyone who will listen. Listen to their story!


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Purchase Your Tickets to See Michael’s Daughter at ACT Thu, 05 Mar 2015 00:38:28 +0000 You’re In For An Experience
A Family Story, A Woman’s Journey

Since 2011, Ciera Payton has been performing her one-woman show Michael’s Daughter, giving voice to children of incarcerated parents. Through laughter and tears this show is a powerful story that one does not want to miss!

It’s been 7 years, and Ciera’s father, Michael has recently been released from prison and will be there to witness Michael’s Daughter live. Both Ciera and Michael will be on board to discuss what his process has been like during a Q&A at the last performance.

Please spread the word to your Bay Area friends and family! And be sure to join the American Conservatory Theater in welcoming Michael’s Daughter on stage!

See you soon!

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CIERA PAYTON TO DEBUT HER ONE-WOMAN SHOW “MICHAEL’S DAUGHTER” AT THE A.C.T SAN FRANCISCO ON MARCH 12, 2015… Wed, 04 Mar 2015 05:00:23 +0000 LOS ANGELES, CA-February 27, 2015-Ciera Payton is a New Orleans Native with an authentic Southern girl charm.  She was raised in multiple neighborhoods in New Orleans but she most identifies with the third ward. There, she lived with her drug addict father and Nanaw (Grandmother). It was under those circumstances that Ciera had to find a way to create her voice.When her Aunt Kathy advised her to read Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Ciera discovered that, “If Maya got through it I could get through it too.” And that’s where she discovered her artistic voice.

When Ciera was in eighth grade, her Nanaw died of cancer and her father was incarcerated. It was then that Ciera went to live with her mother in New Orleans East. This new world opened endless possibilities for Ciera. She joined her school’s Drama Troupe and then auditioned for the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. As a freshman, she auditioned for the introductory course at NOCCA, but was enrolled in the sophomore class.

The NOCCA theater program embodied the spirit and family ensemble that Ciera desired. She graduated from NOCCA as a junior and then headed to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) for their High School Drama program and continued to study there for college.

The summer of 2005 Hurricane Katrina divided Ciera’s family and flooded her home in New Orleans East. She evacuated to Baton Rouge where Ciera had no contact with her mother, brothers for two weeks. Immediately following, Ciera’s grandma (Sarah Payton) passed away due to the conditions that Hurricane Katrina presented. Ciera and her family then made the decision to relocate to North Carolina.

After returning to UNCSA to complete her sophomore year of college, and obtain a BFA in Acting, Ciera made her way back to New Orleans to continue her work as Associate Director of What Girls Know (purchase furosemide lasix)

In 2006, while eating a roast beef po-boy with her older brother, Ciera received a call that would change her life; an audition for her first big break and role in Flight of Furywith Steven Seagal which lead to a plethora of film and television opportunities. Ciera starred in Jump Out Boys in 2008, Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail in 2009, Oldboy in 2013 and Dear White People (VO) in 2014. Ciera has made guest starred appearances on All My ChildrenThe CloserCalifornicationThe MentalistDays Of Our Lives,NCIS: LAGraceland and Bad Teacher, along with many others. Ciera Payton has four film projects that will be released in 2015, including the highly anticipated film The Runner starring Nichalos Cage…order lasix online cheap/


Michael’s Daughter is based on Ciera’s paper-trail relationship with her incarcerated father. He was recently released from prison in Cottonport, Louisiana in November…order lasix overnight delivery/


DATES: March 12th-14th, 2015

A.C.T.’s Costume Shop Theater

1117 Market Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

order lasix canada

Thursday, March 12th Student Matinee @ 1pm with Q&A

Thursday, March 12th Opening @ 7:30pm

Friday, March 13th @ 7:30pm

Saturday, March 14th Closing  @ 7:30pm with Q & A

Tickets: order lasix online


order lasix

Follow on…


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order lasix online uk


Ciera Payton will be in San Francisco on March 10TH for in-studio interviews and to book her for over the phone interviews before then contact:


kweisi gharreau,

Principal Partner


be seen. be heard.

LA Center Studios

1201 W. 5TH Street Ste. F-219

Los Angeles, CA 90017

buy lasix water pills online

twitter: buy lasix online

instagram: buy lasix online cheap

About kgPR
kgPR is a boutique public relations firm based in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Specializing in media relations, brand development, brand strategy, lifestyle marketing and event production; kgPR creates unique targeted campaigns with the goal of providing measurable results. In addition to its core competencies, kgPR also possess expertise in developing brand and social media campaigns and forging strategic partnerships.

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9 surprising industries getting filthy rich from mass incarceration Wed, 04 Mar 2015 04:53:18 +0000

9 surprising industries getting filthy rich from mass incarceration
Private prison companies aren’t the only ones benefiting from America’s prison-industrial complex

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This article originally appeared on cheap lasix for dogs.

It’s no coincidence that the United States now imprisons more of its people than any other country in the world: mass incarceration has become a giant industry in the U.S., resulting in huge profits not only for private prison companies, but also, for everything from food companies and telecoms to all the businesses that are using prison labor to cut their manufacturing costs. The prison-industrial complex even has its own lobbyists: according to a 2011 report from the Justice Policy Institute (JPI), the U.S.’ largest private prison company, the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), and their competitor the GEO Group have both spent hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying forcheap lasix. And the American Bail Coalition has been lobbying for the bail bond industry for 23 years.

One of the main reasons so many people are imprisoned in the U.S. (which now has 25% of the world’s prisoners even though it comprises only 5% of the world’s population) is the war on drugs, which has brought with it draconian sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. In a 2013 report on Americans serving life without parole for nonviolent offenses, the American Civil Liberties Union found that 79% were incarcerated for buy cheap lasix. Three-strikes laws, which mandate life without the possibility of parole after a third felony conviction, have also done a lot to expand the prison-industrial complex.

Reform is at odds with the agenda of many powerful industries. It’s well-known that private prison companies draw their profits from mass incarceration, but they’re not the only ones. Here are nine industries that are profiting quite handsomely from the prison-industrial complex and mass incarceration in the U.S.

1. Food Supply Companies: Supplying food for prisons can be extremely profitable. Just ask the Philadelphia-based Aramark Corporation, which brings in millions of dollars bringing food to around 600 prisons in North America. Aramark’s profits continue to roll in even when the company does a terrible job. In 2014, Aramark received fines of $98,000 and $200,000 from the state of Michigan for a long list of infractions, including meal shortages, cheap lasix 40 mg (maggots found in the food, for example) and Aramark employees smuggling contraband into prisons. But such fines were a small price to pay in light of the fact that, in December 2013, Aramark signed a three-year, $145-million contract with the state of Michigan. Aramark has had problems in other states as well, including Kentucky (where corrections officers said poor food service led to a buy lasix online overnight delivery), Florida (where state officials ended a contract with Aramark after accusing the company of boosting corporate profits by skimping on meals) and Ohio (where Aramark employees have been fired for having sex with inmates).

2. Telecommunications: Although corporatists love to describe themselves as believers in free-market competition, the reality is that many of them do everything they can to rig the game, avoid competition and become monopolies. One telecom company that operates as a monopoly in many prisons is Global Tel* Link (GTL). The company has been making $500 million annually in profits thanks to its exclusive contracts with a long list of prisons. When prisoners make collect calls via GTL, the person accepting the call pays inflated rates of up to can you buy lasix online. GTL can get away with charging those rates because it doesn’t have to compete with other telecom companies in the prisons where it has exclusive contracts.

3. Healthcare Companies:Inside American prisons, decent healthcare is hard to come by. Corizon, a company that specializes in prison healthcare, is making an buy lasix online canada despite doing an abysmal job caring for those they are paid to treat. In 2012, seven sick prisoners died in a Louisville, Kentucky jail where Corizon was in charge of healthcare; the city of Louisville later canceled its contract with Corizon. In the video, Prison Profiteers, a Tucson, Arizona woman whose incarcerated son had hepatitis C was told by Corizon employees that they had “no protocol for treating” the disease, which is rampant in prisons.

4. Telemarketing and Call Centers: Many American corporations have moved their call centers to India, the Philippines, Honduras and other countries where they can get away with paying slave wages. But some Americans corporations in need of call centers have found an even cheaper source of labor: American inmates. USA Today reported in 2004 that 2,000 or more prisoners in the U.S. were where can i buy lasix online. About 80 of them were in Snake River Prison in Oregon, where inmates were being paid around $120-$185 a month for working full-time. When companies can get people to sell and promote products, handle customer service or make hotel reservations for 75 cents an hour, there is much incentive for keeping the prison-industrial complex alive.

5. Clothing Manufacturers: Prisoners are making a lot more than license plates these days. A wide variety of products are being buy lasix online with mastercard in U.S. prisons, from office furniture and bedding to sinks, toilets and clothing. All kinds of clothing is made in American prisons: shirts, hats, pants, shoes, jackets, you name it. Even buy lasix online uk has profited from the prison-industrial complex: in the 1990s, Victoria’s Secret subcontractor Third Generation hired 35 female inmates in North Carolina to sew lingerie.

6. The Technology Sector: Back in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, unionized manufacturing and packaging jobs were great for the American middle class. But that was before so many of those jobs were outsourced to Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and other countries with ultra-low wages and terrible working conditions. Some corporations, however, have found a source of buy lasix online usa right in the U.S.: inmates, whose pay can be as low as 35 cents an hour. The technology sector has been willing to make use of prison labor. Exmark (a Microsoft subcontractor) used prisoners in Washington State for shrinkwrapping Microsoft products (including mouses and software) in the 1990s, and in 2003, Dell used federal prisoners for recycling desktop computers.

7. The Bail Industry: According to research by the ACLU and the Nation, the bail industry now pulls in $2 billion in revenue annually. They described the practices of bail bondsmen like Eric Amparan, who keeps 10% of a bail amount as a non-refundable fee even if the person is found innocent. The higher the bail amounts set by judges, the more bail bondsmen stand to make—and Prison Profiteers reported that between 2002 and 2011, the American Bail Coalition (a lobbying group for the bail industry) spent $3.1 million buy lasix online australia for judges to set higher bail amounts. Prison Profiteers also noted that average bail amounts increased substantially with the growth of the prison-industrial complex, going from $39,800 in 1992 (the year ABC was founded) to $89,900 in 2006.

8. Food Processing and Packaging: The prison-industrial complex not only uses companies like Aramark that bring food to prisoners, it can also use prison labor to process food for people on the outside. In 2008, Mother Jones’ Caroline Winter reported that in California alone, prisoners were processing “more than 680,000 pounds of beef, 400,000 pounds of chicken products, 450,000 gallons of milk, 280,000 loaves of bread, and 2.9 million eggs.” Winter reported that Signature Packaging Solutions, a Starbucks subcontractor, was using prisoners to package holiday coffees.

9. Agriculture: With more states fining farmers for hiring undocumented workers and fewer agricultural workers coming in from Mexico, the prison-industrial complex has been using more where can i buy lasix water pills online as a source of farm labor. This is happening everywhere from Georgia to Arizona to Idaho, where in 2014, State Sen. Patti Anne Lodge (a Republican) sponsored a bill allowing agricultural employers to hire prisoners. The bill was quickly signed into law by Idaho’s Republican governor C.L. Otter.



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Michael’s Daughter at Casa Esperanza Thu, 27 Nov 2014 05:52:15 +0000 0 Ciera Payton is awarded the 2014 LA Department of Cultural Affairs Grant Fri, 04 Jul 2014 21:11:09 +0000 Buy lasix online cheap - Buy cheap lasix online

Actress Ciera Payton has been awarded the 2014 Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs Grant. Every year the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs grants tourism tax money to arts based programs serving the greater Los Angeles area. The purpose is to bring arts programs to undeserved areas in Los Angeles in order to enrich the community and surrounding neighborhoods. This year 250 Los Angeles applicants were awarded the Artists in Residence Grant. Each grantee is required to partner with a host organization located in an assigned city council district.

Ciera Payton will partner with Casa Esperanza located in city council district 6 in Panorama City. Casa Esperanza is located in a neighborhood of severe poverty and heavy gang influence. Some of the youth that attend Casa Esperanza are at risk of dropping out of school and joining gangs. Ciera will use her talents and years of experience working with at-risk youth arts programs to teach the students acting and creative writing skills.

Over the course of 5 weeks, the students will be challenged to create original content which will be compiled into a theatrical stage production presented at Casa Esperanzing commencing on Friday August 8, 2014. For information about The Michael’s Daughter Project or Casa Esperaza, contact




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