Why Michael's Daughter Is Important

Experiencing Michael's Daughter: The Workshops & Performance
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Workshop and Performance

1 in 43 children in America has a parent incarcerated. Seventy percent of those children are expected to end up in prison. Louisiana holds the highest incarceration rate in the Nation and rising, forcing Louisiana to consider closing their prisons in order to gauge the state’s declining economy. By presenting Michael’s Daughter, Ciera wants her story to shed light on the ever-growing statics affecting minority youth. What happens to these children who are growing up in poverty-stricken neighborhoods, where the funds are being sucked out of community programs only to go into prison expansion?


As Associate Director of What Girls Know (a theater program catered to New Orleans inner-city teenage girls) Ciera knows the impact in which artistic expression has; the ability to give youth a creative outlet for their voices be heard. The bigger goal for Michael’s Daughter, is to enable it become a healing tool for communities around the country. Ciera wants to do so, not only by presenting the stage production but by also conducting workshops that allow participants to tell their stories.

The workshops will be within a selected time frame. The students will learn performance skills, how to format their personal messages for the stage, and will reap the benefits of expressing themselves artistically. Participants will create original pieces which include poems, songs, movement pieces, etc. These performance pieces will then be presented in conjunction with the performances of Michael’s Daughter.