What is Michael’s Daughter?

Michael’s Daughter is a one-woman show created and performed by Actress Ciera Payton.

As an aspiring young actress dealing with the ups and downs of the Hollywood shuffle, Ciera is suddenly confronted by the constant letters from her incarcerated father.  These letters provide the backdrop for her soul searching and a beginning to address her unconventional upbringing and troubled past.  Her New Orleans roots are tested constantly through a series of failed relationships, struggles to make ends meet, and the ongoing loneliness that comes with Hollywood dream chasing. Ciera guides the audience on a journey from a little girl in New Orleans’ 3rd Ward to a woman in Los Angeles fighting to forgive her family.

Throughout the play, Ciera artfully portrays her stuttering, city-slick Father, southern belle Mother, and her endearingly crass Aunt Patty. She does so in a manner, completely filled with humor, compassion, and understanding.

Michael’s Daughter’s universal appeal and impact transcends race, gender, and economic class.  People of all backgrounds will be touched by this story and moved to DO SOMETHING and MAKE A CHANGE after watching it.

It’s a performance that needs to be experienced!