Celebrating Achievements: A Year in Review for The Michael’s Daughter Foundation

A Year in Review for The Michael’s Daughter Foundation

Celebrating Achievements

As we bid farewell to 2023, The Michael’s Daughter Foundation reflects on a year filled with inspiring milestones, creative endeavors, and impactful partnerships. The journey began with the exciting news that set the tone for an extraordinary year ahead: the foundation secured funding from the California Arts Council, The Bancroft Family Foundation, LA County Department of Arts and Culture, and in September, received additional funding from AMITY Foundation through LA County.

In-School Residency Programs:

The year kicked off with meticulous planning for our in-school residency program, Our Stories, fostering artistic expression and creativity in educational settings. Two notable collaborations took shape with Carson STEAM High School and Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS). These partnerships laid the groundwork for transformative experiences that would unfold throughout the year.

MDF Teaching Artists Program Training:

In July 2023, the foundation initiated the MDF Teaching Artists Program training, hosted at GALS. This training prepared dedicated mentors to guide and inspire students on their artistic journeys. By late August, the stage was set for the commencement of a remarkable journey—the Our Stories filmmaking workshop.

Our Stories Filmmaking Workshop

With enthusiasm and creativity in the air, 53 students from GALS and Carson STEAM High School embarked on the semester-long Our Stories residency program. Guided by experienced teaching artists, students delved into the art of crafting short films inspired by the narratives of their own lives. The program served as a platform for self-expression and storytelling, empowering students to share their unique voices.

Money Talks Event:

In October, a unique and educational experience awaited the students as they visited the Chase Bank Crenshaw Community Center for the Money Talks event. Hosted by gymnast and actress Sophina DeJesus, the event featured an esteemed panel including foundation founder and Executive Director Ciera Payton, Actress Anna LaMadrid, Actress and Writer LaNisa Federick, Actor Lodric Collins, and VP Chase LA Regional Manager Tatitana Roberts.

Film Production and Puzzle Piece Project

As November unfolded, students worked side by side with professional actors such as Ed Quin, David Koechner, Ciera Payton, and Gustavo Ramirez to bring their cinematic visions to life. The GALS students received an unexpected pep talk from the charismatic Mr. John Stamos. Post-filming, the students engaged in a collaborative large-scale puzzle piece project, each fragment representing an integral part of their individual stories.

Red Carpet Screening at The Miracle Theater

The pinnacle of the year arrived with the grand red-carpet screening event at The Miracle Theater. With over 250 attendees, the evening was a magical celebration of creativity and accomplishment. Hosted by the charismatic Dariany Santana, the event showcased the students’ work, leaving the audience inspired and engaged.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Buoyed by the success of 2023, The Michael’s Daughter Foundation is poised to expand the Our Stories program to the Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Detention Facility in 2024. The foundation remains committed to fostering creativity, providing opportunities, and making a lasting impact on the lives of young individuals through the power of storytelling and filmmaking.

As the journey continues, The Michael’s Daughter Foundation remains dedicated to its mission of empowering the next generation of storytellers and artists, one inspiring tale at a time. Here’s to a year filled with even more growth, creativity, and positive impact!

Check out the Red Carpet Screening of Our Stories at The Miracle Theater


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