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Job Title: Program Supervisor

About Us:

The Michael’s Daughter Foundation is dedicated to offering free and low-cost enrichment programs to youth and families in communities significantly impacted by incarceration. Our mission is to create opportunities for growth, education, and positive experiences that empower these individuals to thrive. The people we serve come from an array of backgrounds, most notably black and latinx. We offer our programs primarily to inner-city youth and youth in Juvenile Facilities.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Is a direct liaison between the Executive Director and program teams and program sites; fielding calls, emails, and communications from parents, program site leadership, and program teams
  • Curriculum Oversight: Oversee curriculum for the foundation’s programs, ensuring alignment with educational standards and program goals.
  • Staff Management: Recruit, advise, and supervise program staff, ensuring high performance and adherence to program standards.
  • Program Implementation: Monitor the implementation of programs, evaluating their effectiveness and making adjustments as necessary.
  • Scheduling and Budgeting: Develop detailed program schedules and manage budgets to ensure efficient use of resources.
  • Community Collaboration and Communication: Collaborate and communicate with our program partners to enhance program offerings and ensure they meet community needs.
  • Compliance and Objectives: Ensure all programs comply with established goals and objectives, meeting both internal and external standards.
  • Communication: Maintain regular communication with parents, program site partners, and program teams.
  • Financial Processing: Process payments for all staff and contractors involved in the programs.
  • Data Management: Collect and enter data in accordance with grantor requirements, using systems such as the Apricot System.
    • Collect demographic data from parental permission forms and audience evaluations.
    • Formulate and manage electronic data collection methods (e.g., Google Forms).
    • Input handwritten data into electronic formats.
  • Student and Staff Tracking: Keep track of student rosters and monitor the hours of key staff.
  • Logistics and Supplies: Order and/or deliver supplies and materials to teaching assistants (TAs) and program sites.
  • Program Debriefs: Organize and conduct program debrief sessions to assess performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Program Activities Coordination: Coordinate specific program activities, including:
    • Scheduling filming/voice-over recording days and program documentation days.
    • Scheduling funder observation days.
  • Program Relations: Maintain relationships with program participants, parents, and stakeholders, ensuring effective communication and engagement.
  • Evaluation and Reporting: Distribute and collect program evaluation forms from students and staff, and audience/community assessment forms.
    • Share and input collected data into the Apricot Database for funder reporting.
  • Promotion and Registration: Design and distribute program and event flyers to schools and program sites. 
  • Organize program registration and manage data through Google Forms and Google Folders.
  • Regular Check-ins: Conduct bi-weekly or monthly check-ins with key staff to monitor progress and address any issues.


  • Proven experience in program management or a similar role.
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Proficient in data collection and management systems (e.g., Apricot, Google Forms).
  • Ability to collaborate with diverse community partners and stakeholders.
  • Detail-oriented with strong problem-solving skills.
  • Must be comfortable with sitting in classrooms and Juvenile Detention Facilities

Desired Skills:

  • Comfortable working with youth
  • Bilingual: Spanish and English

Ideal Candidate:

The ideal person for this position is well-organized, and comfortable working with artists and, in some cases, youth. They have a strong sense of leadership and authority, take initiative in planning and organizing, and know how to communicate positively and effectively.

Work Details:

  • This is primarily a work-from-home, part-time contractor position with some in-person interactions such as classroom visits and team-building sessions.
  • Pay is $30/hour.
  • Maximum yearly pay is approximately $42K.
  • The contractor creates their own schedule of hours.
  • Begins August 1st, 2024 – July 31st, 2025

This role ensures the effective delivery and continuous improvement of the foundation’s programs, creating a positive impact on the community and program participants.

How to Apply:

Please submit your resume, a link to your portfolio or project management previews, and a brief cover letter explaining your interest in this position and your experience working with youth to info@michaelsdaughter.org and assist@michaelsdaughter.org.

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