Michael’s Daughter Foundation Presents “MONEY TALKS”

The Michael’s Daughter Foundation is proud to announce the successful hosting of its second annual financial literacy workshop, “Money Talks,” held at the Chase Bank Crenshaw Community Center on October 14th.

Money Talks”  was hosted by the talented Sophina Dejesus, known for her role in Netflix’s “How to Get Rich,” and featured an esteemed panel of experts. Panelists included Ciera Payton, the Founder and Executive Director of the Michael’s Daughter Foundation and an actress in Tyler Perry’s The Oval; Tatiana Roberts, the VIP Community Manager of Chase Bank; Lodric D. Collins, an actor in Tyler Perry’s The Oval and Respect; Anna Lamadrid, an actress in Hulu’s This Fool and the owner of Put ME on Self-Tape and New Triple Threat; and Lanisa Frederick, an actress on Fox’s Brooklyn 99 and Disney Channel’s Villains of Valley View, as well as the co-owner of @HASHTAGBOOKED. The event brought together beneficiaries from Carson High STEAM School and Girls Athletic Leadership School Los Angeles, including students, staff, and family members. Also in attendance were members of the community, as well as MDF’s staff and partners.

The panel shared valuable tips, tools, and insights with both the in-person and virtual audience, focusing on how to elevate financial goals, make wise money management decisions, and secure a prosperous future. Students actively engaged with the panel, asking thoughtful questions, and receiving encouraging responses that emphasized the importance of cultivating a positive money mindset from a young age. The experts also imparted practical wisdom on how to diversify income streams, monetize one’s passions, master effective budgeting techniques, and more. The event also included food and beverages, and a raffle exclusively for students who attended in person. The In Trive generously donated the prizes, and three lucky students were randomly chosen to each receive a generous prize of $100.

This activity is supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, The Bancroft Family Foundation, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Department of Arts and Culture, Community Partners, AMITY Foundation, The In Trive, and the offices of City Councilwoman Imelda Padilla in Los Angeles City Council District 6 and City of Carson office of Mayor Lula Davis-Holmes.

Today, MDF is hosting “Our Stories,” a filmmaking workshop for students at Carson High STEAM School and Girls Athletic Leadership School Los Angeles. Through this workshop, students create films that explore their culture, families, aspirations, and daily challenges. These films provide a unique glimpse into the lives of remarkable young individuals. Join us on December 10th, 2023 at the Miracle Theatre in Inglewood for the Red Carpet Premiere of the students’ short films. The event will include film screenings, a panel discussion with the students, interactive activities, and more. Attendees will include students, their families, Hollywood professionals, MDF partners, and community members.

According to Founder, Ciera Payton: “Financial literacy is a gift we can give our children and is the stepping stone to building thriving communities.” For more information about The Michael’s Daughter Foundation and its impact on the community, please visit www.michaelsdaughter.org or follow us on all social media platforms using @themdfoundation


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