Ashley Robertson
Program Photographer | Singer | Songwriter | Photographer

Ashley is a creative photographer based in Los Angeles and has lived in the city for 10 years since her move from Nashville. She has a true passion and love for capturing the beautiful moments in people’s lives by cultivating playful, joyful, and supportive environments. When she’s not behind the camera you can catch her out on an adventure in the mountains or she’s working hard in the music studio writing and crafting songs.


Well hello there – I’m happy you’ve found your way here! I’m a true creative at heart who’s always been fiercely passionate about making a product, a person, or a place come to life through photography and design. I’ve spent the last 8 years madly in love with the booming California cannabis industry and the world of start-ups. Building up a brand, breaking stigmas across the country, and designing beautiful events, eye-catching displays and detailed marketing materials have been at the forefront of my work for many years. But as time moves and changes, so do our dreams and goals. I stepped away from the industry to charge head-first toward my own dreams of being a business owner, a photographer, and a branding consultant. Golden Hour Photo Co. is my passion set on fire and I’m ready to help bring your creative visions to life.


Ashley Robertson
Photographer & Content Creator
Instagram: @goldenhourphotoco_


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