California Arts Council

Culture is the strongest signifier of California’s identity. As a state agency, the California Arts Council supports local arts infrastructure and programming statewide through grants, programs, and services.


Strengthening arts, culture, and creative expression as the tools to cultivate a better California for all.


A California where all people flourish with universal access to and participation in the arts.


  • Community – Authentic intergenerational and intersectional connections
  • Accessibility – Inclusion, simplicity, and ease, resulting in equitable participation
  • Aesthetics – Recognizing all art forms and artistic traditions that enable full and meaningful creative expression
  • Autonomy with Accountability – Empowered, responsible generation and allocation of resources
  • Relevance – Broad influence, bold leadership, and synergizing collaboration for the present, with a sharp eye toward emerging developments and needs of the future
  • Equity – Service according to the need to prioritize racial injustice, representation, and visibility of all groups
  • Sustainability – Wise, impactful, and responsive growth


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