Ciera Payton
President of The Board

Founder and Owner, Ciera Payton is an actress and writer who understands all too well the importance of arts education in underserved communities.

In 2011, Actress Ciera Payton took the bold step to write her story as a solo theatrical production and present it to the City of Los Angeles. Coming from a challenging upbringing and being an adult dealing with the stigma of having an incarcerated parent, Ciera was just seeking a creative yet effective way to express herself. Thus, Michael’s Daughter was created and presented at the NoHo Arts Center!

Performing all over California with the Hollywood Fringe, Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival, American Conservatory Theatre, and eventually traveling to New York for its off-broadway debut with United Solo, Ciera quickly discovered the power of sharing her story. Many audience members would express how Michael’s Daughter is their story and how they thrive to share theirs. 

I am a human being, nothing human is alien to me. – Terence 195 B.C.

Over the years, Ciera has found a way to combine her personal journey with the skills and training acquired from her studies at University of North Carolina School of the Arts, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, and her time served as Associate Director of What Girls Know, to create a platform which produces original material, through creative writing and acting workshops, one-on-one presentations, and performance pieces.

Her mission is simple: She aspires to inspire those seeking the desire to express their truth!