Councilwoman Imelda Padilla

I, Imelda Padilla, pledge to the constituents of Council District Six and the residents of Los Angeles that if granted the opportunity to serve them, I will restore public integrity in local governance and earn the trust of the people of our district. I will strive to be:

Intentional: I to use the following guiding principles in my decision-making process;  accessibility, and transparency, and will make decisions based on community input and data.  

Intergenerational:  In all my policy decisions, from housing to air pollution and neighborhood safety, I will consider the present impact on the welfare of youth, families, and seniors while proactively identifying the implications those decisions may have in the future. 

Intergovernmental:  I pledge to be a coalition builder by collaborating with all agencies and organizations, from the federal government to neighborhood councils. 

I often hear the community’s disappointment towards government institutions is due to the lack of actionable accountability between agencies and city departments. Under my leadership, the people of Council District 6 will have an advocate who prioritizes their needs by holding all City of LA departments accountable. In addition, I will be responsible for finding solutions to issues while engaging agencies within the County of Los Angeles, the State of California, and the Federal Government to solve problems together.


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