The Michael’s Daughter Project

An Array of Workshops & Sessions Giving The Gift of Creative Expression

The Michael’s Daughter Foundation is committed to providing free and low-cost arts workshops and classes to youth and families impacted by the incarceration of a loved one. Please see the workshops and classes we offer below.


Summer Session

The Michael’s Daughter Foundation presents an annual creative writing and media arts summer program.
Funded by the Artists in Residency grant provided by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs we have been able to provide a FREE arts program to the residents of District 6 and exclusively serve the youth of the Blythe Street Neighborhood in Panorama City, Ca for the past eight years.

During the summer, local youth meet over a period of 5-6 weeks to create and produce an original production. Our productions come in the form of staged theatrical plays, documentaries, or short films. These productions are written and created by the participants. Their words and their stories.

Each summer session and workshop has a theme in which the participants are challenged to create work based around the given theme. They develop, write, and perform their own scripts. Once their production is complete, the students get the honor or watching their work on the big screen.

Since 2013 General Manager, Chris Williams of the Van Nuys Regency Theater, has hosted The Michael’s Daughter Foundation in providing a private screening area so that the participants and their families and enjoy their work. It’s always a magical experience!

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Fall Session

Select Schools

After School & Weekend Sessions

Much like the summer session, our fall sessions host a number of participants to meet, develop, write, and produce original creative content. These sessions are held either as an after school program or weekend workshops over a given period of time.

Fall sessions held in the Panorama City area are free to join. The final presenation is usually presented before the Christmas Holiday Break.




In-School Residency

Our In-School Residency program, allows us to partner with local schools to provide a semister session, in which students will learn acting, writing, and filmmaking skills. The students are tasked with either creating a group ensemble piece or an individual presenation.

Our residencies vary in theme, structure, and culminating presentation. We are always committed to complying with the school’s and district rules and regulations, while providing arts-based services to enrich the minds of our youth.

If your school would like to host The Michael’s Daughter Project, please contact us.

Art Behind Bars

We are designing a limited-session workshop series serving our prison population. Our goal is a host a select group of prison residents to provide a creative writing and performance art-based workshop. This work is important for our men and women serving time behind bars. More information to come.


Michael’s Daughter In A Day

One day workshop for those seeking an artistic and healing experience. Ciera Payton and staff provides a 2-4 hour session which empowers and motivates participants to honor their stories and celebrate their lives. Our trained staff leads the participants in various writing and speaking exercies which opens the floor for participants to share their work. It’s always a moving experience and we love the results that come out of these workshops.

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Space is limited for our workshops and sessions.

Our Annual Summer Camp only supports 25 spots on a first come basis.

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